The VideoNitch Solution - VideoNitch Production


VideoNitch offers sophisticated production services that turn concepts and content into engaging, interactive learning assets.

There are multiple components to the pre-production services VideoNitch provides:

1) Idea Generation

The first step in the process is to help you generate ideas based on program objectives. We help you define your intentions for the project – what specifically are you hoping to accomplish and how? We want to make sure that once we start compiling the outline/storyboard/script, we are representing your company’s brand well.

2) Outlining and Storyboarding

The outline is the logic flow of your project. The storyboard is a visual representation of the outline. It depicts how each of the scenes of your project will look, the messages and tone they will convey, the presenters involved and the images themselves.

3) Script writing

Here we take storyboard scenes and add spoken words to express the thoughts you want to get across. Overall content organization is also completed during this phase.

4) Recording

During this phase, we actually film the scenes from the storyboard. Scenes are deliberately kept short  – typically, no more than one or two particular thoughts in any given scene. We find this promotes viewership and enhances retention.

5) Recording Actors (if needed)

We work with casting agencies to provide you with a wide range of options for actors (both male and female) who fit your specific needs.


There are also a number of components to VideoNitch’s post-production services:

1) Image research

Using a royalty free image website, you and we select photos for use in your video.

2) Music Research

Drawing on the contents of a stock music website, we often select background music to play behind what the on-camera spokesperson is saying.

3) Video Editing

We take your video footage and compile it, following the narrative of the storyboard. During this stage, you have the ability to choose background images and music to help bring the piece to life.

4) Content Creation

Each video is chaptered, thereby giving end users the ability to select specific for viewing. If there are key sections you want to stand out, this is when to make those choices.

5) Platform Creation

We work with you to brand your platform exactly as you want it. Additionally, we can rearrange any of the items and add such features as transcription, thumbnails, footnotes and even provide access to downloadable materials.

6) Hosting Services

Once the project is complete, you can host it on your own website. But if that doesn’t suit your needs for any reason, we can take the hassle out of your hands and host it on our servers.